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Radiant Wellness is everything and all. Radiant Wellness is the utmost precious treasure everyone can possess. No material possession can replace a person's Radiant Wellness which generally refers to a healthy balance of the Mental or Mind (inclusive of feeling, perception, mental formation and consciousness) and Physical or Body that results in an overall feeling of well-being.

Secrets to radiant wellness is to lead a lifestyle according with nature's law and take advantage of nature's offerings. Such positive healthy lifestyle will lead toward healthy and active ageing.

Nutritious Foods are an important component of achieving Radiant Wellness - optimal health and longevity. Nutritious Foods provide energy, the spark plug to a healthy lifestyle. A clear understanding of the importance of the vitamins, essential nutrients, essential minerals and herbs and how they affect your body and health are very helpful towards achieving Radiant Wellness. 70% of all diseases are preventable through proper nutrition. You are what you ate.

The art to attain radiant wellness has been widely practiced by the Orientals for thousands of years. In India and China, this wellness art form has permeated into almost every corner of the people's daily life. The Indians with their Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbal practice and Chinese with their Medicinal Herbal formulations inclusive of Chinese Tonic Herbs.

It is important to learn how peoples  in ancient and highly diverse cultures lived and continue to live to between 100 and 130 years of age without "high-tech medicine" or the "skills" of western style physicians.

Undertaking healthy Recreational activities be it pleasurable occupation of leisure time or sports or amusement will also contribute to a person's Physical and Mental Wellness.

Healthy recreational activities coupled with a regular Exercise and Fitness regime are essential too to a person's Physical and Mental Wellness.

Establishing our mental process wisely with the Right Stress Management Techniques or or Stress Relaxation Techniques will lead to a healthy mental state which together with a healthy physical body will enable a person to attain Radiant Wellness.


If it is "I" it is ILLNESS

If it is "WE" it is WELLNESS


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